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Making Science A Verb
Create a classroom where science HAPPENS!

Don’t just learn about doing science-DO SCIENCE!

Streamline grading and lesson planning so you can spend more time doing what you LOVE!

With "Making Science A Verb,"

  • You can explore ideas, themes, problems of practice, pedagogy, and content that are of interest to you!
  • You gain a community of educators-and their experience-to help you problem solve and keep you accountable.
  • Work at your own pace, knowing that you have ongoing support to help you implement your ideas successfully in the classroom.
  • Learn information in an easily digestible format, with opportunities to discuss with your fellow educators, problem-solve, and connect new ideas to your current practice, so adjustments you make are long term solutions-not short term attempts!
“Making Science A Verb” is a community that provides tools and support for passionate educators to provide students with the hands-on science education they need and deserve!

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